Day 5 Lisbon and area

Part 1. Sintra

Our centrally located hostel was at the heart of praça Rossio in Lisbon. From there, we were close to the metro, Rossio train station, a Pingo Doce supermarket, and of course, many cafés and restaurants.

If you are visiting Lisbon, I suggest you take a day for Sintra as well. This picturesque town is just an hour or so away, you can take a train there from the Rossio station. Sintra is known for its colourful Palacio da Pena (Feather Palace) which lies atop a mountain surrounded by a very large garden that could take a day—even more—to fully discover. You can hike up through the trees to the towering palace where the view is breathtaking.


There’s quite a bit to see in Sintra, and all the landmarks are scattered around the area. If you desire to walk it, I’d take more than just a day. If you don’t have time for that, you can do like us and take one of those ‘Hop on, Hop off” red buses—that cost us 18 euros—to take you around. We unfortunately didn’t get to see Cabo da Roca which is at the furthest point of the country where a lighthouse stand over a cliff. The earlier you arrive in Sintra, the more you’ll get to see.

We did get to visit the lovely gardens of Quinta da Regaleira which is famous for its underground tunnels that lead to waterfalls and to the famous wells. If you go through the tunnels, turn on your phone’s flashlight, I went two years ago without one and walked blindly through.

Quinta da Regaleira



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